6 ways to save money on air tickets in the UAE

This is the time when most families in the UAE are planning their summer travel and, needless to say, the tickets are costly on most routes that people look at.

Besides the base fare, a whole list of other charges only adds up to the cost, making many travellers opt for a second choice, which may mean skipping their favourite destinations.

However, with a bit or research and planning, you can save money when shopping for flights without compromising on your destination and experience.

#1 Look at flight booking sites

Instead of visiting the website of the three airlines on top of your mind, check travel websites such www.makemytrip.com, www.expedia.com, www.ebookers.com, www.cheapair.com and the likes.

Such websites, in one snapshot, will give you the fare and the hours of the route that you intend to fly. First, look for the best option through these website and then go to the webpage of the airline that you finally shortlist to apply. You can also make the booking through these travel sites and also get a small discount on your purchase price.

#2 Be flexible with the airport you choose to fly to

Sometimes tickets are priced differently depending on your port of departure despite the fact that the two may not be really far away. For example, a flight to Hong Kong will be priced differently if you take it from Sharjah, Dubai International, Al Maktoum Airport or Abu Dhabi. Compare the prices and opt for the one you like. Do the math about the cab fare you’ll have to pay to and from the airport to your home if you choose a different emirate to fly from.

#3 Book your flight in advance

If you book your flights in advance, you stand to get the early bird discount. It is recommended that you book at least 6 weeks prior to your departure date. The longer you wait, the more you may have to shell out.

#4 Look at low flexibility options

If you are sure about your travel plans, it’s not a bad idea to buy tickets that do not allow the flexibility of date changes. Such tickets are priced lower than the ones that permit changes. The downside is if you do change plans, you will have to pay extra to the airline to accommodate such changes but if you are one of those who stick to the first itinerary, go for this option.

#5 Multi-stopovers can be costly

A multi-stopover ticket can be costlier than a return ticket to and from the same airport. Why not compare the cost of booking a multi-stopover versus a return ticket, keeping the port of departure and arrival the same and then factor in the cost of travel that you would incur to reach the city of departure from another city that you may be in.

For example, a ticket from Dubai to New York and back will be a lot cheaper than Dubai to New York and return to Dubai from say Orlando. The cost of the first one will be less even if you include the cost of budget travel from New York to Orlando. So, calculate before you submit your credit card details.

#6 Flight with stopovers are cheaper

If you are not running against time or if you don’t have infants in tow, look beyond non-stop flights. Such flights are always expensive as compared to ones with stop-overs but you can save a lot on these routes.

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