6-year old boy saved from 10th-floor fall

Civil defence teams arrive in time after he got stuck in the window

A six-year-old Arab boy left alone inside his 10th floor apartment in Ajman was rescued in the last minute by civil defence teams after he got stuck at the window because of fear, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

Several civil defence vehicles rushed to the building after receiving calls that a child was caught by the window and could fall any time.

Civil defence men smashed the apartment’s door open after no one answered their banging on the door.

“They then rushed to the window and dragged the boy into the flat…he was not hurt,” Emarat Alyoum daily said, quoting Lt Salim Al Zaabi, civil defence customer service director in Ajman.

“When they asked him about his family, he said they went out and left him alone…he said he used a chair to climb up and open the window…he then stood on its edge and looked down at the street….…he said he was so scared that he could not move.”

Man and woman fall to death from Sharjah towers

Sharjah Police is investigating the apparent suicide by an Asian woman who threw herself down from the balcony of her 31st floor apartment last Thursday around 5pm.

Officers of the Lake police station found the dead body of the 36-year-old woman on top of a vehicle parked under the building.

The coroner, who examined the body, said death happened as a result of injuries caused by fall from high altitude.

A couple of hours after this incident, TPT, an unemployed Arab man of about 40 years, fell from the kitchen balcony of his 12th floor apartment on Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in Sharjah and died.

The deceased lived with his family consisting of father, mother, sister and three brothers. According to his family, he was suffering from psychological illness.

Baby survives fall from 7th floor by lucky landing

A two-year-old baby sustained no major injuries when she tumbled out of a seventh floor apartment in eastern Turkey, apparently saved by a lucky landing in snow, Anatolia news agency said.

The unsupervised baby girl fell from the balcony of her family's seventh floor apartment but suffered no significant injuries when she soft-landed on a pile of snow that slid from the roof.

Doctors at a Mus city hospital where the toddler was rushed said "there is nothing to worry about for now" but that she would be kept in hospital care for a few more days for observation, the agency said.

The baby's mother, occupied in the kitchen when the incident happened, said she was shocked when neighbours brought her home after the fall.

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