6-year old found alone in school bus in Ajman

Ajman Police has saved a six-year old girl who was found alone at 10am inside a parked school bus in the Emirate’s industrial area.

Colonel Ali Saeed Al Matrooshi, director of police stations in Ajman Police, said police was informed about the child by HMA, a Sudanese national.

Police found the child crying inside the bus and informed her parents.

Police said it appears the child fell asleep while going from home to school and that the driver and supervisor of the bus did not notice the child after other students alighted from the bus when it reached school.

Ajman Police is investigation the incident.

Colonel Matrooshi said as per law, the bus driver and supervisor much check the vehicle after each trip to and from school.

Both driver and supervisor of this school bus have been charged with negligence.


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