82% of UAE residents don’t know their Emirates ID’s secret code

Issued by the Emirates Identity Authority, every individual in the UAE has a PIN code for the Emirates ID card. But how many people actually know their PIN codes?

A poll, conducted by Emirates Identity Authority, revealed that a large number of residents didn’t know – or were ignorant of – their PIN codes.

Conducted in the month of May with participation of 13,034 UAE residents, the poll revealed that 81.95 per cent were unaware of their PIN codes while 18.05 per cent confirmed that they know their Emirates ID card codes, Arabic daily 'Emarat Al Youm' reported.

The PIN code is one of the means used to get access to the private data in your card and authenticate your identity.

It consists of four digits and is recommended to be changed regularly (using Card reading program offered by Eida).

The Authority called on everyone carrying an Emirates identity card to ensure there is a secret number chosen by the person when s/he registered for the first time, after giving fingerprints and photos.

Highlighting the importance of this PIN code, it was revealed that the owner of the card would require the code when using Emirates ID card for e-services.

In case of forgetting the password, the owner of the Emirates ID card can reset the password either by visiting the customer service center, or through self-service available in service centres, or using Dubai Smart Government services.

The Authority warned that entering the wrong PIN number three times in a row will lead to cancellation of the card, and the owner will have to visit the centre again to get new PIN number.

In order to activate the ID card again, the owner has to visit the Authority’s customer service centre again with original Emirates ID card to verify his fingerprints and enter a new PIN number.

The Emirates ID’s smart chip carries the owner’s details, such as name, date of birth, and other important information.