9 who killed man in den for taking too long jailed

The Dubai Criminal Court of first Instance sentenced nine Vietnamese who were running and guarding a prostitution den on behalf of a Chinese fugitive in a flat at Dubai International City to ten years and six months in jail for killing an Indian over delaying in finishing sex with a prostitute and running a den.

The convicts who were also accused of attempting to kill the victim’s friend as he intervened in the dispute and were ordered deportation after serving their jail term.

They were also accused of stealing a mobile phone and Dh1,500 from Joginder Singh, the man who was killed.

The jobless accused who are identified as: DVL, 24, NAT, 21, NVF, 24, LTH, 22, TVH, 24, TKD, 21, MVF, 22, MVS, 20, and TTK, 22. All attended the first hearing of the case which was adjourned until October 10 to arrange a translator from Arabic into their language as they denied knowledge of English.

According to the prosecution sheet, On Friday, November 20, 2009, at around 8pm Dharmender Singh, the 27-year-old Indian driver  visited the accommodation of each of his two friends – both Indian drivers themselves --  Jorbrit Singh, 25, and Sokhjindar Singh, 27, at Muhaisna 3.

He saw with them Joginder Singh and they all consumed alcohol. When the victim expressed his wish to have sex with a Chinese prostitute the others agreed to accompany him.

All of them drove to International City in their company-owned car and went straight to building number H04 in China Cluster.

The victim and Jorbrit Singh got into the building and asked Dharmender Singh and Sokhjindar Singh to follow them after ten minutes to flat No. 112.

Dharmender, who was thirsty, went with Sokhjindar to a nearby grocery to buy water and have soft drinks and then followed their friends to the flat.

A man with Chinese features opened the door of the studio flat and asked them to sit on the sofa. The hall was divided into 3 areas with curtains and the men were engaged in make-shift chambers, as testified by Dharmender before the Public Prosecution.

The woman who was with the victim called DVL who was running the den and spoke to him in Chinese. Following  this DVL dragged the completely naked man out and asked him to leave.

But he was in no mood to listen to DVL and said he was yet to finish with the woman. This was when Dharmender intervened and asked DVL to allow him to return to the woman since the money was already paid.

According to Dharmender’s testimony, by then DVL called someone on his mobile.

Meanwhile, Jorbrit who was in another chamber came out and just followed DVL’s orders to walk out.
In about five minutes, three men came in followed by seven to eight others – all of them carrying knives hidden in boxes. One of them attacked Dharmender who sustained several wounds while defending himself from slashes directed at his head.

While the three others managed to run out to the street and called the police, Dharmender fell unconscious due to severe bleeding from the cuts.

Three of the assailants were seen running out carrying big knives as police and medical emergency teams arrived at the spot.

By then Jojinder Singh was lying in a pool of blood with deep cuts all over his body and legs.

During the course of the investigation, LH, 40, a Chinese saleslady testified that she leased the flat in May 2009 and after four months she decided to sublet it.

She agreed with a Chinese man to pay her Dh4,000 monthly for using the flat. The sub-tenant – now a fugitive -- used to visit her at her work and pay her the monthly rent without her knowing that he was using the flat as a prostitution den, she testified.

Hassan Abdullah, a First Lieutenant, testified before the Prosecution that the nine Vietnamese were arrested from two flats in the Morocco Cluster of International City.

Abdullah said that he was also investigating a case in which 25 Vietnamese suspects were arrested recently for attacking a policeman.

Rashid Salem Ahmad, 30, policeman testified before the Prosecution that the Indians embroiled in the incident recognised Vietnamese assailants at an identification parade.

The nine accused have confessed before the Prosecution that they were in flat No. 112 when the crime happened and they had used big knives.

The second and third accused NAT and NVF confessed before the Prosecution that they along with the other members of the gang stabbed the victim and his compatriot.

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