Abu Dhabi destroys 5 tonnes of ‘bad’ foodstuffs

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi destroyed more than five tonnes of foodstuffs falling short of specifications and health standards applicable in the UAE.

The action has been taken as part of the municipality's endeavour to curb the practice of unlicensed activities with the aim of containing street hawkers, and protecting the local market from commercial fraud.

"The procedures of destroying these foodstuffs were taken in coordination with Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management at waste burial sites (landfills) at Hameem, in a safe and secure manner," said Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health, and Municipality of Abu Dhabi City.

Foodstuffs destroyed comprise health supplements, cosmetics, personal care items, sexual stimuli, cleaning materials and detergents, and non-medical herbs.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Division, Municipality of Abu Dhabi, is cracking down on men and women saloons and beauty parlors as well as cosmetic outlets.

"The Municipality will keep up the crackdown on markets, shops and beauty centres as well as men and women's saloons in order to eliminate these harmful products," said Al Rumaithi.

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