Abu Dhabi gets walking and cycling master plan

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday revealed its Walking and Cycling Master Plan (WCMP) to develop sustainable transport services in accordance with the Surface Transport Master Plan (STMP) and the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

The WCMP has been developed in collaboration and coordination with the Urban Planning Council (UPC), Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) and other strategic partners of the government. The WCMP is in line with international and local best practices.

The plan will develop walking and cycling routes and facilities, especially in the commercial and central areas of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region, and will assist in the reduction of the reliance on the use of private vehicles. Neighbourhoods will be provided with a network of walking and cycling links including crossings between the neighbourhoods.

The WCMP also includes the establishment of integrated infrastructure to encourage the public to walk and ride bicycles, which are healthy and environmentally friendly means of travel, which also reduces congestion and traffic jams. Walking and cycling are among the most sustainable means of transport with zero emissions. Additionally, the facilities designed for pedestrians and cyclists will be shaded with trees to provide a natural soothing atmosphere and a positive impact on the environment.

Abdulla Al Mehairbi, Acting Section Head of Public Transport Planning at the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, said, "The WCMP proposes active travel networks in Emirate of Abu Dhabi where there is a great and growing demand for short journeys by walking and bicycles."

"These networks have been planned at a strategic level to connect neighbourhoods and districts and we are focusing on building the appropriate infrastructure," he added.

The DoT also revealed that it is conducting studies in Al Ain and towns in the Western Region such as Ruwais, Mirfa and Liwa to facilitate and encourage walking and cycling.


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