Abu Dhabi plan is a boon for low-income families

Pic: Erik Arazas

An editorial published in Gulf News today said that authorities in Abu Dhabi Municipality are to be commended for the new measures they have introduced to ensure that low-income families and bachelors in the city benefit from a new scheme to ensure rents remain affordable.

On Saturday, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport announced a scheme whereby high-quality accommodation is provided to those who are on fixed incomes and lower wages, with monthly rents ranging from Dh700 to Dh1,400 monthly.

"For too long, families, not just in Abu Dhabi but in other emirates as well, have struggled to ensure that they have an affordable place to live, where the living conditions are secure, safe and meet all the relevant regulations, and that there is enough money left over after paying rent to cover other living costs like schooling, food, transport, health and utility costs," it said.

The new initiative also sets ranges for rents linked to the monthly earnings of families and individuals. "For investors and entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities, the initiative by Abu Dhabi Municipality offers a new avenue for investment, one that will be attractive and will continue to ensure that the city grows and prospers," the paper noted.

The editorial explained that the new measure will also ensure that unscrupulous landlords who have dangerously erected partitions in existing buildings to exploit low-income earners are eradicated from the marketplace, bringing an end to dangerous living conditions that are illegal and defy authorities and regulators.

"The accompanying rules introduced with this scheme bring order and safety to the property market that had been overlooked. It’s a very positive development," it concluded.