Abu Dhabi school hiring teachers; salary up to Dh29,000

An Abu Dhabi-based school is looking to hire teachers and is offering a starting basic salary of Dh11,000 plus various other benefits, that add up to Dh29,000 in some cases.

The overall package includes an annual salary of £24,000 to £28,000, which is about Dh142,167 to Dh165,864 per annum.

Other perks that make up the package include accommodation allowance of Dh85,298 (£14,400) per annum for unmarried or single teachers and Dh106,026 (£17,900) to married and those with families.

Education allowance is also provided for up to three children. The teachers are eligible to receive an amount of Dh76,410 (£12,900) per annum towards the schooling costs.

On the higher side, these three variables make up Dh348,300 per annum or a monthly amount of Dh29,000.

Medical insurance is also provided for self, spouse and three children. Air ticket for employee, spouse and three dependent children below the age of 18 years is also a part of the package.

A one-time relocation allowance, which is paid on arrival, amounts to Dh19,548 (£3,300). Besides this, annual gratuity and other benefits as per government policies will be provided to those who are selected.

Positions open are for creative media and visual arts teachers, business studies teachers, ICT and science teachers among others.

The vacancies are open to UK/USA/Canadian/EU/AUS/NZ/South African nationals. The candidates should hold degrees and have recognised teaching qualification in secondary school/ college education.

These positions have been advertised by Astute Education, a recruiting company, in the British media for the school to start in August 2015.

It’s a competitive market for teachers in the UAE and, as more schools open up, the demand is only expected to go up.

Basic salary in an international school in the country starts at Dh8,000 per month and goes up to Dh35,000, as earlier reported by this website. (Read: How high or low is salary of teachers in UAE)

According to figures provided by Clive Pierrepont, Director of Communications at Taaleem schools, an assistant teachers gets up to Dh8,000 whereas teachers can take home anything between Dh10,000 and Dh20,000 per month. The head of primary/secondary get paid between Dh22,000 and Dh25,000 (mid-twenties) and the principal get paid Dh35,000 upwards.

The average salary of teachers in the UAE is Dh9,750, with average salaries ranging between Dh3,500 and Dh16,000, according to data provided by Bayt.com.

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