Abu Dhabi schools to be feminised in major restructuring

Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) has announced the changes introduced to all Adec Schools for the school year 2012-2013, to meet the needs of all regions.

These changes include introducing, merging and feminising a number of schools.

Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Adec Director General issued a decree regarding changes introduced to schools.

The decree stated that two new schools and three kindergartens to be introduced in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Gharbia.

They are Abu Dhabi: A new C1 school for girls in Khalifa City A called "KCA School", A new Kindergarten in the current Al Aryam Building in Khalifa City A area to be called "Al Aryam KG".

Al Ain: a new C1 school for boys in the previous Al Raqiah School Building in Al Towayya area to be called "Al Bayraq School", a new Kindergarten in Al Yahar area to be called "Al Yahar KG" and a new Kindergarten in Zakher area to be called "Zakher KG".

Following the introduction of these schools, the 471students promoted from G4 and G5 shall be transferred to Al Asayel School; and Al Aryam C1 School (642 students) shall be transferred to the recently introduced school in Khlaifa A.

In Al Ain, Al Masoudi (340 students) as well as Al Jimi (328 students) shall be transferred to the new Al Bayraq School.

Al Habab bin Al Mondhir School (224 students) in Abu Dhabi together with Al Falahyia School (554 students) will merge in Al Falahyia school premises under the name "Al Falahyia School".

Hafsa Bint Omar school (275 students) together with Al Montaha School (428 students) will merge in Al Montaha school premises under the name "Al Montaha School".

Oud Al Tawba C1 School (439 students) in Al Ain together with Ibn Khaldoun school (350 students) will merge in Ibn Khaldoun school premises under the name "Ibn Khaldoun School".

A number of grades and cycles will be redistributed as follows: Abu Dhabi: Darwish bin Karam School (418 students) will accommodate G6 - G12 students instead of G7-G12, Sas Al Nakhl school (453 students) will accommodate G1-G5 instead of G1-G6 and the G6 students will be distributed to C2 schools according to their residence. Al Falahia School (544 students) will have co-ed from G1-G12 instead of G7-G12. Al Asyael School (471 students) will become C2 from G4-G9. Al Montaha School (428 students) will have co-ed from G6-G12 instead of G10-G12.

In Al Ain, Al Sariyah (340 students) will have co-ed classes KG-G1 and female only classes in G2-G12.

In Al Gharbia, Gayathi School G5 promoted to G6 students (549 students) shall stay in the same school and the school shall accommodate G1-G6 students instead of G1-G5 students. Al-Ibtikar school (312 students) shall accommodate G7-G12 students instead of G6-G12. Al Mesk kindergarten (307 students) in Al Ain shall be transferred to the new KG premises in Al Jimi and to be called Al Jimi kindergarten.

A number of schools shall be feminised or partly feminised.

In Abu Dhabi, the following schools are feminised: Omair Bin Yousef (278 students), Sas Al Nakhl (453 students) and Hamoodah Bin Ali (377 students).

In Al Ain the following schools are partly feminised: Al Sadara (239 students), Al Nahyaniah (322 students), Al Ain (492 students). Moreover, Abu Bakr Al Siddique (358 students) and Al Shaheen (524 students) shall be feminised.

The following school buildings shall be evacuated: Hafsah Bin Omar '&' Al Habbab Bin Al Monzer schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Jimi, Al Masoodi, Oud Al Tawba schools '&' Al Mesk KG in Al Ain.

The names of the following schools shall be cancelled: Al Aryam, Hafsah Bint Omar '&' Al Habab Bin Al Monzer in Abu Dhabi; Al Jimi , Al Masoudi, Oud Al Tawba schools and Al Mesk KG in Al Ain.


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