Abu Dhabi seeks to cut pedestrian deaths

Abu Dhabi is planning to construct nine new bridges for pedestrians and block crossing loopholes on key roads within a drive to curb accidents involving pedestrians and other road users, a statement said on Sunday.

A traffic police committee met with representatives from the Abu Dhabi municipality and other competent departments on Saturday and discussed measures to protect pedestrians on roads following a surge in such deaths.

A statement said the committee approved the construction of nine new bridges on Airport road, Bani Yas, Musaffah, Bahiya and other areas which have been the scene of deadly accidents involving pedestrians in the past period.

“The committee also asked the municipality to block all openings on key roads and set up barriers in the middle of roads to push pedestrians to use bridges or underpasses,” the statement said.

Police records showed 24 pedestrians were killed and 118 wounded on Abu Dhabi roads in the first quarter of 2011.

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