Adec clarifies 'advance' tuition fee

Some education groups will have different timings that will vary with each school. (Ashok Verma)

Collecting tuition fees at the time of registration is illegal, according to Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec).

Hamad Al Dhaheri, Executive Director, Private Education Sector, Adec, said, “Private schools have no right to collect tuition fees during admission period,” reported ‘Al Bayan’.

He added that any school that collected fees during the registration period is violating laws and regulations of private schools.

The registration fees, according to the regulation, is five per cent of the value of the approved tuition fees - which is up to a maximum of Dh500.

Al Dhaheri said, however, schools can collect the first installment of tuition fees a month before the start of the academic year. First installment can be collected in March for schools that begin their academic year in April, and schools that begin in September can collect it in August, he explained.

Al Dhaheri was responding to complaints received by ‘Al Bayan’ paper from several parents about some private schools in Abu Dhabi asking them to pay Dh10,000 as fees at the time of registration.

Reportedly, the schools justified their request stating that the amount would ensure their children seats for next academic year.

Some parents claimed they had to take loan and borrow money to pay the fee as they feared of not getting admissions.

However, Al Dhaheri confirmed that the authority has not received any complaints in this regard yet.

Al Dhaheri called on parents to approach Adec if they have any complaints against schools and it would take necessary action.

He added that Adec has issued a policy guidebook for private schools, and the Arabic version is available on the Council’s website.

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