Agencies using forced labour will lose licenses

Private recruitment agencies that are found to be engaged in forced labour or human trafficking may be suspended for a period not exceeding one year by the Ministry of Labour or even have their licenses withdrawn, according to a report in the Arabic daily Al Khaleej.
The ministry could also act if it is proved that none of the documents and data submitted to obtain a license are either forged or incorrect.  
These penalties will also apply in case the owner has violated any of the conditions in the license agreement or the agency violated labour laws or any other related regulations.  
A ministry official said the decision of withdrawing license is issued only after a notice is issued warning the agency to rectify the situation.  
The agency will be responsible for repatriating workers to their country if they fail to comply with the terms of the agreement with the employer; the qualifications and degrees of the labourers were not applicable with the level of skill or specialisation agreed upon; failure to pass a medical fitness test; lack of fitness to work; or the worker didn’t sign a draft of the contract with the agency.
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