Ajman Municipality orders repairs to damage from adverse weather in Manama

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, has ordered the authorities in Manama to repair the damage caused by yesterday’s adverse weather conditions, resulting from heavy rainfall that caused significant damage in areas.

His statement came during a field visit by Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director-General of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, to the affected areas, while accompanied by officials from the Department.

Abdul Al Nuaimi stressed that the inspection visit resulted from the directives of Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, due to his desire to monitor the conditions in Manama, and to closely view the damage and order immediate repairs.

He explained that the emergency teams working in the area have spared no efforts through their work during the previous day, to provide direct assistance to those affected, constantly monitor weather conditions and provide immediate help to the affected areas, to preserve the health and safety of the public. He also valued their important role, and their quick response and readiness to deal with all their cases.

During the tour, he inspected the dam project in Manama, to monitor whether its collection of rain water meets the required standards. He also toured residential neighbourhoods to view the condition of local streets, buildings and public facilities, and he also inspected the conditions of residents, while making sure they were not harmed by the adverse weather conditions, which affected the area during the previous night.

He then listened to a detailed explanation given by Mohammed Abdullah Al Suwaihi, Director of the Manama Office, about the emergency plan being implemented by the Manama Office, a branch of the Department, throughout the year, to handle all types of weather conditions with qualified manpower.

Al Suwaihi pointed out that most neighbourhoods in Manama were not affected by the weather conditions and the rains due to the availability of excellent infrastructure, roads that were built according to the highest international standards, and the presence of rain water drainage networks and pumps. "The cases that came to us were dealt with immediately and we will continue to repair all the damage during the next few hours, as we have distributed the tasks for specialised authorities to undertake, and to execute them as quickly as possible," he added.

At the end of the inspection visit, Abdul Al Nuaimi stressed that the Department will closely monitor the work to repair all the damage.