Al Ain child gets funds for face treatment

Two unknown persons donate Dh51,000 needed for treatment expenses

A day after her ordeal was published in local newspapers, two unknown persons decided to donate Dh51,000 for the treatment of a six-year-old Palestinian girl suffering from face deformity following oil burns.

One donor offered Dh46,000 while the other would pay Dh5,000, which will be deposited in the child’s bank account in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain, according to the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emarat Alyoum.

“Two donors will pay all the expenses needed for the treatment of Ayat’s face….Emirat Alyoum is coordinating contacts between the donors and Twam hospital to channel the funds,” the paper said.

The donations followed an appeal by Ayat’s father for help to allow the girl to have further treatment of her face which was burned by hot oil three years ago and turned her into a scary figure avoided by other children.

Ayat was in the kitchen at her home three years ago when she slipped down, unable to avoid the boiling oil which fell on her face.

Her father, Ghassan Shaweesh, said he could not afford paying for treatment of his daughter at Tawam hospital in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain given his relatively low salary, which he says is hardly enough for his six children.

Donors paid nearly Dh125,000 for the treatment of Ayat three years ago but doctors say she needs further treatment and surgeries, according to the Dubai-based Emarat Al Youm Arabic language daily.

“We need around Dh51,000 for her treatment but we cannot afford it…we appeal for all benevolent people to help my daughter,” Shaweesh said.

Her mother said Ayat’s trauma is aggravated by the fact hat other children avoid her because of her face.

“What hurts Ayat is that other children seem to be scared of her face…. when they see her in public places, they run away…my daughter keeps asking me whey the children refuse to play with her.”


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