Al Tayer approves setting up RTA Foundation

HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has approved the establishing of RTA Foundation. The concept is inspired by the initiative of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, designating 2017 as The Year of Giving in the UAE. 

Receiving the Chairperson and members of RTA Foundation, Al Tayer said, “Launching the Foundation stems from the noble values of the UAE advocating the concept of social responsibility and fostering the spirits of solidarity & cooperation amongst community members and organisations.

As part of its social responsibility to the community and the nation, RTA has endorsed the launch of seven initiatives marking The Year of Giving, covering an array of charitable activities in the fields of culture, education, volunteering, fund-raising and transportation.”

“RTA has developed a package of initiatives & events in support of The Year of Giving. These initiatives are highlighted by setting up the RTA Foundation aimed at delivering community-benefiting charitable services & initiatives in the field of transport for individuals or specific parties without seeking profits. 

Through the Foundation, RTA will team up with public/private entities in offering transport-related charitable projects in poor or disadvantaged countries with the aim of positively influencing the standard of living and adding economic benefits to those countries.

“The chief funding source of this Foundation is the income generated by the ‘Public Transport Endowment’ RTA launched in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy.

The Foundation will also raise funds through an elective donation channel for NOL cardholders & vehicle owners at the time of issuing/renewing their vehicles registration, driver licenses or even taking taxi rides.

“The Foundation will finance projects & initiatives related to safe transit means of various types in poverty-stricken countries. It will support the education in those countries through donating transit means to ease the mobility of students.

Offering such transit means to & from their schools will reduce the school dropping out rates at an early age due to miserable economic conditions experienced by students.

“Through the Foundation, RTA can also lend support to the people of determination to enable them to lead an independent life and move to their destinations easily through donating one wheelchair every month in coordination with the parties concerned.

It will also support jobless individuals, fixed income earners and fresh graduates through offering them a Training Programme.

The assistance will also include RTA’s employees experiencing pressing conditions such as the repayment of loans or emergency medical expenses,” said Al Tayer.

From the start of this year, RTA endorsed its initiatives marking The Year of Giving, comprising seven initiatives spanning an array of charitable, cultural, educational, volunteering and fund-raising activities.

RTA’s participation in The Year of Giving includes global campaigns run in coordination with Dar Al Ber Society where several developing countries will be identified for receiving donated RTA’s used assets.

An example of this includes donating school buses or bicycles to ease students’ mobility to and from their schools in collaboration with international charitable organisations such as the UNICEF and the UNHCR.

The portfolio of initiatives includes Charitable Stairs aimed at promoting the culture of volunteering on the Public Transport Day (1st of November). RTA will prove Steps at two metro stations as a token of encouraging charity using a smart interactive system prompting station visitors to use the stairs rather than escalators. RTA will donate a certain amount in respect of everyone using these stairs.

RTA’s initiatives include a paid training course entitled (Empowerment) for 20 persons over 6 months with the aim of qualifying them for professional careers.

They will have the experience of working in one of RTA’s core business lines such as finance, marketing, customers’ service, innovation and shaping the future. Participants can obtain advice from RTA leadership and will receive Experience Certificates from the RTA.

There is also the Disabled’s Wheelchair initiative aimed at easing the mobility of impaired people of determination to lead an independent and move to nearby destinations. Each month, RTA will donate one wheelchair costing AED20,000 to a disabled in collaboration with the parties concerned.

RTA will also take part in ENGAGE Dubai Program launched by Dubai Chamber prompting companies to urge their staffs to engage in volunteering activities during the working hours.

The Program, which comprises 118 members and 40 community partners, motivates & rewards employees for adopting volunteerism practices by entitling them to apply for official volunteering leave.

RTA has charted out a plan for its participations to The Year of Giving as part of its pre-approved programs, activities and initiatives. The Charity Bus will be involved with the Food Bank.

Read More initiative will take part in ‘Read with the RTA’ application involving the recording of audio books and the provision of specialist references for university students. RTA will also step up its participation in national days such as the National Day, Flag Day and the Commemoration Day as well as annual days like the World Environment Day, Public Transport Day, and Workers’ Day.

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