All visitors, residents respected: Dubai Police

She confirmed that she will complaint against the woman to Dubai Police. (Al Bayan)

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation, has reiterated that all visitors, tourists and residents of Dubai are respected and well treated, reported ‘Al Bayan’.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri was reacting to a video circulating on social media wherein a woman is seen talking rudely to Egyptian actresses Abeer Sabry and Tunisian actress Faryal Yousef. The video shows the woman in a mall criticizing the two actresses for their dress, saying they shouldn’t be wearing such indecent clothes here.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri did not confirm the identity of the woman, but said she was infringing on the privacy of the actresses and her behaviour is not in accordance with the culture of the UAE. He said the UAE respects all nationalities and people and offers them a pleasant stay in the country.

He pointed out that legal action will be taken against this woman who gave a bad and incorrect impression about UAE society.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said action will be taken against the woman though the police has not yet received any formal complaints from artists. He added that Dubai Police will review cameras in the mall after contacting the actresses.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said UAE laws prevent filming, taking pictures of anyone without their permission and publishing  videos. The woman’s behaviour is improper and can be tried for libel.

He confirmed that the video is an individual’s act and does not in any way reflect on the UAE laws or culture. The UAE allows everyone to move freely and endeavours to make peoples stay happily in the country.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri added the two artists in the video were wearing casual clothes, which are normal and decent.

The Egyptian actress Abeer Sabry told ‘Al Bayan’ that she likes to visit UAE and she is fond of Dubai. She said, “What happened in the mall was really very weird where the woman criticized me in a very harsh manner, when I was dressed in normal clothes.”

Sabry said, “It’s not the first time that I am visiting the UAE and Dubai in particular. This is a beautiful city and very upscale and I have not encountered any obstacles before. Two days ago, I was with a girl friend at a boutique in at shopping mall in Dubai, when I was surprised as this woman approached me and began talking inappropriately. There were about six of them with her. One of them claimed I am wearing indecent clothes and I should respect the UAE.”

Sabry said, “She continued to scream forcing me to react inappropriately. But, I kept my head on my nerves and made payments for the stuff I purchased and left the place quickly, while she continued threatening me.”

Sabry is in Dubai to film for a television programme for Ramadan.

She confirmed that she will complain against the woman to Dubai Police, especially after the video has begun circulating on social media.

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