Aphrodisiacs freely available over the counter and selling fast

Dragon Mart and old souqs offer variety of 'Natural Viagra' products

Massive demand for aphrodisiacs has almost tripled sales in stores selling these products.

While UAE residents mostly purchase these products from Dragon Mart, tourists who flock to Deira's old souq and Spice souq cannot miss the bold displays offering 'Natural Viagra'.

The demand is so high that traders at the souqs say they have come up with unique products to satisfy customer demand, some of them even coming up with their own brands.

Some stores have displayed in bold letters the availability of such products in an effort to attract customers.

Among the products available are Bin Ahmed brand of tea, breast enlargement soaps, V Men’s Elexir and Al Raheeq Honey and Black seed.

Jaber Ali Ahmadi, 35, of Rise Store, says his father now makes his own mixture of herbal medicine that acts like a Viagra. “It is completely natural and made out of 25 different types of herbs that includes five different types of ginseng roots, powder extracts from five different types of male palm trees, etc.”

According to him the ingredients are sourced from various countries such as Iran, Sri Lanka, India, South Korea and China.

All of the traders vouch for the success of their products and advise the consumer to have a tablespoon of powder mixed in hot water or milk 35 minutes before sex and preferably on an empty stomach.

“It helps you last longer and also increases the volume. There are customers who have had very positive results,” adds Ahmadi.

The demand is more from Arab men from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and others in the region.

“We also have tourists from other countries buying. I have deliberately put a display board in front of my store about the availability of 'Natural Viagra' to attract customers and it has worked,” said Mohammad Husain, another store owner.

It is not just the tourists who are queuing up to increase their sexual potency. A trader in Dragon Mart says 'herbal' tablets are the most sold items in her store. “We have different types of tablets each with varying capacity. While some have an impact for almost a week, others last for ten days. Price varies from Dh100 to Dh200,” said Lucy (her English name).

Emirates 24|7 spoke to Thalib Khan, 58, from Pakistan who has been living in the UAE for the last 40 years. “I have been facing erectile dysfunction for almost two years. I consulted various doctors in Pakistan who said it is because of depression. The problem was not getting solved. The moment I heard of the Chinese medicine, I decided to try it.

"This time before I went on a holiday, I purchased a pack of ten tablets for Dh100. I was told the effect of each tablet lasts for three days. I had it half an hour before sex and I swear it worked wonders. This holiday was more special for me,” says Thalib. “The only fault was that the effect of each tablet lasted just for three days. I finished about nine tablets while I was there,” he added.

According to an official at the Ministry of Health, any product that is not sold in the pharmacy does not require an approved by the Ministry.

"All health related products that are sold in the pharmacies have been tested and approved by the Ministry. What's sold in general stores and Souqs fall under the purview of the Dubai Municipality," the official said.


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