Arab female driver piles Dh1m in fines in 5 years

An Arab woman, described by UAE police as a reckless driver, has committed 1,380 traffic offences worth nearly Dh1 million throughout the UAE over the past five years and more than half of them were committed in Dubai.

The woman’s reckless driving was not confined to the UAE as she also committed 17 traffic fines in Oman. She also violated TRA and Salik rules in Dubai.

“She is a reckless driver as it seems she likes to drive fast...over the past five years, this woman has committed 1,380 traffic fines with a total value of around Dh1 million,.” Said Zayed Al Jasmi, chief traffic prosecutor in Ras Al Khaimah, where she lives.

He said the unnamed woman has committed 501 traffic fines in Dubai worth around Dh331,000 while she was also given 136 Salik fines worth Dh6,800 and around Dh3,350 TRA fines in the emirate.

In Abu Dhabi, she has committed 248 offences involving Dh171,770 fines while there were 67 offences in RAK, four in Ajman.

(Home page image courtesy Shutterstock)


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