Arab killed in Abu Dhabi by jealous man

Killer says he stabbed victim to death for threatening his girlfriend

Abu Dhabi Police arrested a 26-year-old Arab man for killing another Arab who threatened to publicize private pictures of his foreign girlfriend.

Police said victim, also 26, was found lying in a pool of blood at his office in Khalidiya neighbourhood in the capital and that forensic examination showed he had been stabbed to death by a knife.

Investigation later led to the arrest of the killer, who confessed to the murder and said he was encouraged by his girlfriend to get rid of that man after he tried to manipulate her by threatening to publish her private pictures on social networks.

“He confessed that he went to the victim’s office at a contracting company and stabbed him many times in the neck…he then left the site without being seen by any one and got rid of the murder tools,” CID chief Colonel Rashid Burasheed said.

Filipina jailed, to be deported on vice charges

An Abu Dhabi criminal court sentenced a Filipina housemaid to six months in prison and ordered her deportation from the UAE after she was found guilty of indulging in vice.

The girl was arrested after her employer accused her of brining customers to his house in the capital in his absence and indulging in prostitution for money.

The Filipina was convicted by the court after another maid working in the same house testified against her.

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