Arab League awards Najla Al Awar the Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa Award for Volunteer Work

The organising committee of the 7th Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa Award for Volunteer Work has named Najla bint Mohammed Al Awar, Minister of Community Development, and 14 other Arab personalities as 'Leaders of Volunteer Work' in 2017.

The winners will be awarded during an event hosted by the Arab League that will be held from 13th to 15th September, coinciding with Arab Volunteer Day for the first time in the award’s history.

Hassan Bu Hazza’a, Chairman of the Arab Federation for Voluntary and Chairman of the Good Word Society in Bahrain, stated that the Arab personalities were chosen this year, in co-operation with the Administration of Civil Society Organisations at the Arab League, as part of their efforts to strengthen the regional stature of the Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa Award for Volunteer Work, and to achieve its vision of spreading and enhancing the culture of voluntary work while encouraging creative initiatives and exceptional voluntary initiatives in the Arab world.

While honouring the leaders of voluntary work in the region and highlighting their expertise and projects among the volunteer community in all Arab countries, he said that the award aims to highlight the honourable examples of leadership in voluntary work in the Arab world, as well as the success stories that are inspirational to the Arab youth.

He explained that the Arab personalities were chosen this year based on their local, national and regional contributions to volunteer work, their desire to transfer their expertise and attract and train volunteers, their championing of social issues during recent years, and their scientific contributions and ideas, as well as their innovative and creative volunteering projects where they have played positive roles in serving their communities.

He added that their contributions were not only made on national levels, but some have contributed at a regional Arab level.

Bu Hazza’a stressed that the current challenges witnessed by the Arab region require the effective support of all voluntary efforts in the Arab world, to adopt comprehensive and sustainable development plans.

He also spoke of the role of the Arab League, represented by the Administration of Civil Society Organisations that is headed by Dr. Alia Ghannam, Director of the Department, who has done considerable work for the Arab League in hosting the current edition of the award, which reflects its honest efforts to strengthen the link between Arab people, through initiatives that enhance Arab cooperation in all areas.