Areas to be allocated for quad bikers in Dubai

Police confiscated 1,142 bikes in 2015 up from 387 in 2014 (FILE)

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in conjunction with Dubai Municipality, is considering allocating areas for practising and driving quakd bikes in the emirate, said a press statement on Monday.

Officials from RTA and Dubai Municipality held a meeting recently which was attended by Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA and Hussain Nasir Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality.

The two parties agreed to allocate a specific area on Dubai–Hatta Road for practicing driving of quad bikes in order to ensure a safe environment for the enthusiasts of this hobby in coordination with the Dubai Police, the statement said.

Through its inspectors, RTA will monitor the compliance of quad bikers with the safety and security stipulations and enforce Quad Bikes Licensing Regulation which vested the Licensing Agency with the authority of enforcing actions and offences made in breach of the provisions of the Order within the licensed areas, whereas Dubai Police will account for the enforcement measures outside the scope of licensed areas.
New policy for outdoor ads in Dubai

The meeting also discussed new directory of outdoor ads, trucks lay-by areas and rainwater drainage system.

The meeting endorsed the new directory of outdoor ads in line with the best global practices and also ensuring the highest traffic safety levels. It added new types of ads such as the digital monitors, ads at the entry points of Dubai, ads on the parking machines, and identity ads of businesses at the commercial and industrial areas. 

It has now become mandatory to seek the Dubai Municipality’s approval for placing engineering models on flyovers, and also to seek approval of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, and Dubai Police in respect of aerial ads; which will be subjected to a string of standards and various conditions such that these ads have to be placed at specific areas such that they must not undermine the traffic safety.

The meeting also discussed the drainage of rainwater in the main roads, and the two parties stressed the importance of carrying out periodical maintenance of storm water drainage openings in their respective fields; where RTA will attend to maintain the openings of tunnels and bridges, and Dubai Municipality to cater to the maintenance of openings on public roads.

The two parties also reiterated the need to address the spots which last year witnessed water accumulations and ponds. The meeting also discussed the need to provide lay-by areas for trucks on highways in order to provide better services to truck drivers and accordingly avoid the risks of parking trucks on road shoulders or inside residential districts.

It was agreed to consider the allocation of a land plot on one of the roads linking Dubai and Sharjah.

“These meetings come in implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the RTA and the Municipality to boost the existing strategic partnerships in an effective and institutional manner that raises it to new heights, serves all community segments, and reflects positively on the economic and social development drive in the Emirate,” said Al Tayer.

Lootah commended the continuous coordination and communication between the Dubai Municipality and the RTA; which has resulted in sharing of knowledge, expertise and practices between the two parties. “Coordination and communication is a work methodology adopted by various Dubai Government Departments and Authorities as it is the sole means of delivering the best of services to customers,” he added.

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