Australia Immigration: New list from July 1

Within a week time, Australia will implement the updated Skilled Occupation List, which determines which occupations are eligible for independent and family sponsored skilled migration.

Effective July 1, all skilled migration applicants to Australia will have to abide by the updated list, which has already been announced.

Hannibal Khoury, migration consultant at Thames Migration, a Mara registered London-based Australia migration consultancy office, explains: “The current Skilled Occupation List applies to all points-based skilled migration applications, and can also be used by 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa applicants.

“Those wishing to apply for 457 (Temporary Business - Long Stay) or 442 (Occupational Trainee) visas must also consult this list, as these visas can only be used for employing skilled migrant workers in the fields named therein.

“It is different to the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List, which applies to visas that fall under the Employer Nomination Scheme (whose applicants must be nominated and sponsored by an Australian employer).

The Skilled Occupation List is a reflection of the fields that suffer shortages on the Australian labour market, aiming to attract valued skills from abroad where this is required to support the Australian economy.

Brendan O'Connor, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship explained earlier this month that regular reviews and updates of the List were necessary to ensure that only occupations with a genuine need in the medium to long term of skilled migrant workers can apply for immigration visas on

He added that these changes reflected the government's targeted approach to skilled migration and would help ensure employers are not misusing the system by neglecting to find local labour when it is available.

On the new List, five occupations will be removed, being Hospital Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics), Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical), and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures).

No occupations have been added.

A couple of other changes will be implemented on July 1st, pertaining to the 457 visa programme. Click here to read more. 

To view the updated Skilled Occupation List, click here: 





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