Baby sent to Spain to save shot eye

One-year-old Khaled Al Muhairi was accidently shot in the eye by a toy gun (SUPPLIED)

A one-year-old Emirati boy was who was accidentally shot in the eye by a toy gun during National Day celebrations in Dubai has been sent to Spain for a surgery to save his damaged retina that could impair his sight.

Khaled al Muhairi will stay for nearly one month in the European country for the treatment at the expense of Sheikha Shamsa bint Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, who decided to send him abroad immediately after reading a report on his injury in 'Emarat Al Youm' newspaper.

“He already had two operations and doctors said they would perform another surgery on his eye after six months,” his mother told Emirat Alyoum in Spain.

“Doctors have given us a hope that he will restore sight in the affected eye and we pray to God the Almighty that our son will be able to see with that eye again…I would also like to express gratitude for Sheikha Shamsa for her generous and kind gesture towards my son.”
Khaled, who lives in Sharjah, was his father during street ceremonies in Dubai on December 2 when an object shot by toys used by participants in the parade hit his eye and caused severe bleeding.

His father, Abu Khaled, said the boy was rushed to the Iranian Hospital, where doctors operated on his eye for more than four hours.
“My son had nearly 20 stitches in his eye and doctors told me that a large part of the eye had been damaged and that he could lose sight,” he was quoted as saying by Emirat Alyoum just after his son was injured.

"I am very much worried about my son now…each delay day could lead to the loss of sight in his eye…I hope he will be sent abroad for treatment.”

Abu Khaled said those who shot at his son were not to blame for the problem because they had not expected this to happen. “They regretted what they did and came with us to the hospital…I can’t blame them….what we want now is that my son is sent abroad for treatment or he could lose his eye.”

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