Bank employee charged for stealing customer funds

A bank employee stole Dh36,000 from a client’s account after collecting information about his card, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MAS, 26, is accused of forging an application of SIM card which he has used for transferring Dh36,396 to his bank account using electronic banking service.

The victim told the prosecution that he received a call from someone at 3pm on June 7, claiming to be from the bank’s customer service centre. He did not suspect him because he was speaking Hindi fluently and asked him when was the last date of using his ATM and why he did not use for a long time.

“The caller told me that my card has been suspended and asked for some information to reactivate the card. He told me that he will call me after I receive an SMS with the new secrete number in order to get the new secrete number and reactivate the card. I actually received a new secret number and he called me and took the new secrete number,” he testified.

“He called me from a mobile number and told me that the card has been reactivated. However, he told me not to tell anyone about this. On June 27, I tried to withdraw funds from account using the ATM card, but was surprised because there were no funds. On checking with the bank, I was told that Dh36,396 from my account have been transferred to an account of a bank in Pakistan.”

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