Banker's semen DNA found in love triangle case

A Dubai court has confirmed the DNA finding that a New Zealander’s semen traces were found inside a British woman but not Brazilian model. Both girls have denied to British news media they had sex with the man, according to a New Zealand newspaper.

The New Zealand banker is facing charges for three-pronged extra marital sex.

Reports appearing in the New Zealand media said the former Auckland banker has appeared in court on extra-marital sex charges. New Zealand Herald reported: “Toby Carroll, 32, his girlfriend Briton Danielle Spencer, 31, and his former girlfriend, Brazilian model Priscilla Ferreira, 24, are charged with drinking alcohol without a licence and having sex outside of marriage.

”The reports said Carroll and Spencer were arrested after spending the night together in his apartment before Christmas. The banker called Dubai Police after Ferreira burst in, allegedly threatened them at knifepoint, and destroyed some furniture.

Following this bizarre incident in their house, Dubai Police put all the three involved in the love triangle in jail for six weeks, the newspaper said adding that the Dubai Prosecutors have charged Carroll with having consensual sex with the two women. 

The case is classed as a "misdemeanour", is less serious than a felony. Typically, a misdemeanour penalty carries a fine or jail term of up to a year.

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