Behave: RTA draws the line for Dubai Metro train etiquette

The new signage telling commuters where to board and alight from the train. (Majorie Van Leijen)

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed its second phase of guiding commuters into the right direction while getting on and off the train with a new set of instructions, this time located on the platform itself.

This month every Metro station of the Red and Green will have a new set of instructions added to the Metro signage. On the platform in front of each door, arrows direct users to disembark through the middle of the gateway, while passengers who want to get on the train are instructed to do so from the left and right sides.

The instructions came in addition to graphics on the glass doors of the trains informing that passengers are to disembark before others embark.

"This is all part of a larger project and increasing signage on the Dubai Metro," says Ramadan Abdullah,  Director of the Rail Operation Department of RTA.

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"With these signs we aim to organise the flow of commuters in a better way."

Earlier this website reported of a clash of cultures on the Dubai Metro as regards getting on and off the trains

While Metro etiquettes are common practice for some, others consider the trains a battleground where only the strongest survive.

Clear instructions and strict follow ups on these instructions are to put an end to this with the RTA expecting to complete all signage next month.

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