Brave cop single-handedly pushes truck aside to ease traffic

An Emirates 24|7 reader, Mohammed Masood was on his way to a hospital in Dubai on a hot, summer afternoon recently when he was stuck in a traffic jam.

The snarl was caused due to the breakdown of a truck, said the reader.

Image courtesy Emirates 24|7 Reader Mohammed Masood

He could see the truck driver helpless near his vehicle as he watched the scene unfold from the inside of the cab he was travelling in.

"The poor truck driver did not know what to do as his vehicle had stopped at a curve and was holding up traffic," he added.

Suddenly, a Dubai Police officer arrived at the scene.

"He single-handedly pushed the truck through a considerable distance until it reached the bus bay nearby."

The reader salutes Dubai Police and says, "I have always been a fan of Dubai Police."

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