Brave Indian foils attempt to rob bank customer

Shahnawaz, Indian national, receiving a certificate of appreciation from Dubai Police for bravely foiling an attempt to rob a bank customer of Dh320,000. (Supplied)

Dubai Police has honoured an Indian national named Shahnawaz who helped the police to arrest a man who had robbed Dh320,000 from a bank customer.

Colonel Adel Abdul Aziz Al Suwaidi, Director Al Qusais Police Station, said at a news conference: "The attempted robbery happened on Saturday at 1pm in Al Qusais Industrial Area. A company’s employee withdrew Dh320,000 from the bank and took the money to his car. As he drove away, he heard the car’s rear tyre burst.  After stopping the vehicle on the roadside, he contacted the director of the company who asked him to return to office on foot.

“As he has walking with an envelope containing the money, a man tried to snatch the envelope, causing some Dh500 currency notes  to fall to the ground.

“Seeing this happen, an Indian passer-by stopped his car and caught the robber as he tried to run past him. He then called the police who came and arrested the culprit.

Police said the arrested person was an Asian national who had entered the UAE on a visit visa and had no criminal record.
Col. Suwaidi presented Shahnawaz with a certificate of appreciation and a sum of money. The victim’s company also honoured him with a certificate and some money.

Police said the full amount of Dh320,000 was handed over to the  company.

Shahnawaz was a partner in an electronic products business and had been living in Dubai for the past eight years.

Major Adel Al Balushi of CID Qusais police station, said: "The Indian played a heroic role and acted as responsible member of society.”

He advised bank customers to be way of strangers and urged them not to go out of their vehicle leaving their money in it. He urged customers not to go to the bank to withdraw large sums of money without a friend or relative accompanying them.

There were several attempts  to rob money from bank customers in 2014 in Dubai. In one case, thieves stole Dh50,000 from a car by breaking its glass after the driver had gone out to buy something from a shop.