Can you help reduce UAE road accidents?

Through the ‘Innovation Lab’ initiative, launched in mid- July, the Ministry of Interior has called on the public to further submit purposeful suggestions and ideas via the ministry’s different social networking sites.

This aims at brainstorming and collecting the best solutions and ideas to reduce traffic accidents, which comprises four main themes (speed, run-over accidents, using mobile phones while driving, and sudden swerving)..

The ‘traffic accidents’ topic was chosen following thorough analysis of the ideas and proposals submitted by the public through the Innovation Lab over the past two months.

The topic was the most mentioned by participants, as a major challenge that needs to be addressed in all possible ways, especially through the innovative solutions submitted by the public.

Contributions will be accepted until the end of August. After that, the Innovation Lab will organise a number of workshops aimed at finding the best solutions to specific submitted suggestions, discussing the possibility of implementing them and shedding light on the suggestions and those who submitted them in the media.

The Ministry of Interior launched the Innovation Lab, in line with the wise leadership’s announcement of 2015 as the year of innovation in the UAE.

It complements the ministry’s role in the quest to implement the national agenda leading to the UAE Vision 2021, and aims at developing innovative solutions to the different challenges facing the UAE society that are closely related to the ministry’s tasks.

The initiative provides community members  with the opportunity to submit their suggestions and ideas via the the MoI’s social networking sites, in order to be discussed in search of innovative, practical and pragmatic solutions.

The hashtag was launched on the the MoI’s social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+).

People can also submit their ideas via SMS on the phone number allocated for this end 3344.

People were urged to provide their suggestions on topics that need to be developed and enhanced. The initiative has already witnessed positive interaction and wide participation from the different segments of the public.



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