Can you tell who this man is and help him?

Indian forgets his family and address; public help sought

Do you know this man? An Indian national in his late forties has been living in Dubai’s Rashid Hospital because he does not know where to go.

The man has failed to remember any details about himself ever since he was found by cops over a month ago on the streets of Satwa.

He was found sitting by the roadside, dazed, badly hurt and bleeding. Injuries to his head were so severe, that doctors at the Rashid Hospital had to immediately perform a surgery.

Almost a month since then he is now ready to be discharged, but does not know where to go.

“He calls himself with different names at different times. One day he says he is Peddaraju. On another day he utters a totally different name. He speaks fluent Telugu, so he surely must be from Andhra Pradesh. We are trying hard to trace any of his friends or former employers so that he can be sent back to India,” says Joseph from the Valley of Love, a non-governmental organization, that is helping officials trace his exact identity.

Speaking to Emirates 24l7 from his hospital bed, Peddaraju says he has been working here for almost ten years as a helper in a company in Dubai and then collecting cartons from the dustbins and selling them to earn his daily expenses. “I have two children, a boy and a girl who are going to school. I used to regularly send them money until almost an year ago. I do not know they are managing now,” he says with tears in his eyes.

But when asked to name his children and give some details about his house back home or some telephone numbers he says he cannot remember anything.

According to Joseph, the man must be going through posttraumatic stress disorder and the possibilities of him gaining back his memory in a couple of months is strong.

“However we need to identify him at the earliest so that he can be repatriated back to India,” he adds.

His organisation has been trying to help in many such cases and assisting people return home with the help of local officials and Indian welfare organisations.

“We encounter at least ten to fifteen such cases every month, where they are brought into the hospital and they do not remember their address or any other details, mostly following an accident. However, upon further investigation we manage to trace details about their company and their friends. Long term memory loss is really rare,” he adds.

Anyone who identifies this man can contact Joseph on +971 50 4548995 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +97150 4548995


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