Cheapest brand of petrol in UAE? Motorists guzzling E-Plus @ Dh2.07

Cost-conscious motorists are scanning various fuel stations for the cheapest petrol available after the recent revision of petrol prices in the UAE.

A quick survey by Emirates 24|7 revealed many motorists have switched to the E-Plus brand of petrol.

E-Plus is only available at select Adnoc petrol stations.

E-Plus costs Dh2.07 per litre - less than the other two petrol brands available – Special and Super.

Special is sold at Dh2.14 per litre and Super at Dh2.24 per litre.

“Adnoc petrol stations are witnessing an increase in customers, between 2pm and 10pm, looking for E-Plus.

This is the cheapest petrol available in the UAE.

“While Special and Super petrol is sold at all fuel stations across the UAE, only select Adnoc stations sell E-plus,” the manager of an Adnoc petrol station said.

 “I used to fill Special, but after petrol prices went up, I have started using E-Plus and I don’t feel much difference now,” said Varghese Joseph, customer at an Adnoc station in Ajman.

“Many of our regular customers who used to fill Special have now switched over to E-Plus. More people are asking for E-Plus and we don’t have stock,” another manager at an Adnoc petrol pump said.

“Even if all Adnoc stations want to sell E-Plus, they will need at least six months to make new storage and dispensing systems,” he added.

Says Krishna Kumar, who runs a garage in Sharjah: “Most vehicles - Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai - run on Special or E-Plus.

“The average life of a vehicle engine can be reduced if it is run on cheap fuel, but for many people it is not a big concern,” he said.

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