Check with airlines, before heading to airport: Dubai Airport

A day after Emirates flight EK521 suffered an operational incident around 12.40 (local time), Dubai Airport was shut down for 5 and a half hours, and resumed operation at 6.30pm (local time).

The airport is still facing a lot of delays and cancellations, with the authorities urging passengers to check with their airline before heading to the airport.

In an e-mail statement, Indigo said, “Due to unavailability of runway at Dubai airport, all IndiGo flights operating to and from India stands cancelled for August 4, 2016.

"From August 05 till August 07, 2016 - limited flights will be allowed to operate from Dubai airport. All IndiGo passengers are requested to check their respective flight status via customer relations or twitter/FB or our web site"

Dubai Airports on their official twitter handle, stated, "To avoid inconvenience we urge passengers to check with their airlines for latest flight updates before leaving for airport."

Since midnight, these are the flights that have been delayed or cancelled at departure, as listed on Dubai Airport’s official website.

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13:05     Ashkhabad                    FZ731                                        Cancelled

13:10     Tehran-IKA                     QB2203                                     Cancelled

13:20     Dhaka                             EK584                                 Delayed 15:20

13:30     Doha                                QR1023                                     Cancelled

13:30     Peshawar                         PK284                                       Cancelled

13:35     Cochin                             AI934                                         Cancelled

13:45     Bengaluru                          EK566                                 Delayed 14:30

13:45     Baghdad International           IA124                                        Cancelled

14:10     Medina                              EK809                                  Delayed 16:10

14:15     Doha                                  EK843                                  Delayed 15:00

14:35     Madrid/Barajas                    EK143                                   Delayed 15:35  

14:40     Johannesburg                       EK765                                  Delayed 16:20  

14:45     Delhi                                     9W545                                       Cancelled

14:55     Calicut                                  AI938                                            Cancelled

14:55     Amsterdam                           EK149                                    Delayed 18:00

15:00     Lahore                                   NL767                                           Cancelled

15:00     Cairo                                       EK923                                    Delayed 16:30

15:10     Mumbai                                    9W535                                          Cancelled

15:10     Hamburg/Fuhlsbuettel                EK061                                     Delayed 16:10

15:30     Doha                                        QR1011                                            Cancelled

15:45     Milan/Malpensa                          EK091                                      Delayed 16:45

15:45     Barcelona                                  EK187                                        Delayed 21:00

16:00     Riyadh                                       XY206                                              Cancelled

16:00     Gheshm                                     QB2201                                           Cancelled

16:10     Istanbul/Sabiha Gokcen               TK757                                              Cancelled

16:10     Jeddah                                        EK803                                       Delayed 19:30

16:30     Doha                                           QR1017                                            Cancelled

16:30     Islamabad                                     PK212                                            Cancelled

16:45     Kuwait                                           J9177                                            Cancelled

17:00     Calicut                                            IX346                                           Cancelled

17:00     Lahore                                            PA411                                          Cancelled

17:00     Medina                                           SV587                                          Cancelled

17:00     Bahrain                                           GF507                                          Cancelled

17:10     Calicut                                              SG054                                 Delayed 05:30  

17:10     Cochin                                              IX434                                          Cancelled

17:15     Muscat                                             WY610                                        Cancelled

18:00     Karachi                                            NL737                                           Cancelled

18:00     Mumbai                                             IX248                                           Cancelled

18:25     Hongkong                                          EK386                                   Delayed 19:25

18:25     Tiruchirapalli                                        IX612                                         Cancelled

18:35     Mumbai                                               9W537                                      Cancelled

19:00     Gheshm                                                W51183                                   Cancelled

19:00     Delhi                                                     6E024                                     Cancelled

19:25     Kuwait                                                   J9189                                     Cancelled

19:25     Gassim Airport                                         SV593                                   Cancelled

19:30     Prague                                                       QS1201                              Cancelled

19:30     Doha                                                          QR1065                              Cancelled

19:30     Salalah                                                       WY618                               Cancelled

19:45     Riyadh                                                        XY208                                Cancelled

19:45     Dammam                                                     SV557                               Cancelled

20:15     Bahrain                                                       GF515                                Cancelled

20:25     Mumbai                                                       6E062                               Cancelled

20:25     Ahwaz                                                          NV2691                            Cancelled

20:30     Doha                                                             QR1009                            Cancelled

20:35     Trivandrum                                                       IX540                             Cancelled

20:40     Muscat                                                          WY624                            Cancelled