Cleaner on trial for carrying out abortions

A Bangladeshi cleaner is standing trial in the Dubai Court of First Instance for practising medicine without licence and carrying out two abortions.

Two maids are also on trial for allowing the 32-year-old fake doctor to administer injections and abortion pills to them. They are also charged with having illicit relationships. Meanwhile, a third maid is accused of taking the pregnant girls to the accused, reported local media. 

While the cleaner has denied the charges, the two maids told the Prosecution that the accused gave them injections and pills to abort their foetuses.

Meanwhile, the court heard that the mediator maid also helped hide the bodies of babies in the house of another maid. She was arrested in September last year. She inturn led the police to the accused and the other maids.

During initial investigations one of the maids confessed that she got pregnant following a relationship with a Pakistani man who lived in  Sharjah. He, however, dumped her and she turned to the mediator for help.  

The second maid acused in the case confessed to police that she had paid the cleaner Dh1,000 to have an abortion. And later she was told that her baby was still born.

Police search led to the discovery of some bones in a plastic bag.


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