Code of conduct for Dubai school buses will have little impact: poll

The recently issued code of conduct on Dubai’s school buses is unlikely to have any major impact on the behavior of children onboard, according to a poll run by 'Emirates24|7'.

The respondents who took part in the online poll, say that the changes made by the transport providers will fall short in tacking issues such as bullying and use of foul language on school buses.

Forty one per cent of the participants believe that such codes of conduct can’t tackle these issues as nobody takes drivers and attendants seriously whereas 42 per cent say it is too early to say if it will have an impact. However, a minority (18 per cent) of participants are hopeful and say that the new codes will make sure that older children behave themselves.

“I think it will be difficult to control problems but at least the offenders can be taken to task as they are required to sign forms,” said a parent whose child takes the bus to school.

“Bullying is a big problem and cannot be done away with this code of conduct on buses but I hope with the new clause at least the parents will be prompt in picking up and dropping off the kids. Why should the majority get late because of the few who are lazy to wake up five minutes early?” said another patent.

School Transport Services LLC, one of the most popular school bus service providers, recently issued a code of conduct for students using its buses.

The do’s and don’ts on school buses

In an e-mail sent out to parents, the company highlights the do’s and don’ts for children. “Students are expected to adhere to this Bus Behaviour Code. Let us work together to keep them safe and happy, while coming to and going home from school. Parents discussing these expectations with their child at home will be very helpful!” reads the e-mail.

On the must-do list, students are required to be kind; safe; respectful at all times; treat the school bus attendant and driver with the same respect as you would treat your teachers; remain seated on the designated seat and wear your seatbelts throughout the bus journey; sit facing forward in your seats at all times; keep the aisles and walkway clear at all times; report problems to the bus attendant and/or the bus driver; only travel on your designated bus; be ready and on time for departure and pickup; speak quietly with ‘inside voices’ throughout the bus journey and wait for the sign from the Bus Attendant to leave or enter the bus.

The must-not clauses include, throw objects of any kind on the bus; shout or be unkind verbally and/or physically towards others; damage the bus in any way (drawing on or putting feet up on the seats); bring friends onto the bus without written permission from the school; place anything outside the windows of the bus at any time and eat or drink on the bus.

The above are listed in a form which should be signed by the students after discussing with the parents.

Similarly, a circular has been issued for parents, stating that incase the child is returned to the school [if nobody is available to pick her/him up], the parents are required to pay Dh20/- per hour as a contribution towards the cost of STS providing adult care at the school to oversee the safety of our child.



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