Collect ID cards from nearest post offices

Applicants for lost ID do not need fingerprints

National ID card applicants can now submit requests at any nearby post office to get their cards and action will be taken within three days, according to an Emirates Post official.

'Gulf News' quoted Abdullah Al Ashram, CEO, Emirates Post, as saying, that once applicants' put in their requests the staff at that particular post office will send applications to the post offices where the cards are kept and after cross-checking the complete identity of the applicants, their cards will be brought to the requested office within three days.

The move comes in the wake of people receieving SMS from Emirates Post asking them to collect ID cards from post offices far away from their place of residence.

Applicants for lost ID do not need fingerprints
Meanwhile, offical news agency Wam reported on Sunday, people who lose their identity cards can now have them reissued at any authorised printing centre without having their fingerprints taken again, according to the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida).

A new service by Eida to replace lost or damaged IDs allows applicants to have them reissued through registration centres quickly without having to go through the tormenting finger printing process again.

“Reissuing a new card to replace a lost or damaged one does not require applicants to have their fingerprints or photographs taken…all they have to do is to fill a renewal form at a printing office,” Eida said in a statement.

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