Community service sentences reduce traffic offences by 90%: Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

The emirate of Abu Dhabi registered 69 traffic cases whose offenders performed different community service penalties from March to August, according to statistics released by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

The department noted a decline of 90 percent in traffic related crimes following the enforcement of the community service punishment.

Abdullah Al Mansour, Director of Abu Dhabi Traffic Prosecution, said the community service sentences were enforced in 15 federal and local entities in Abu Dhabi, while the prosecution recorded 20 cases in the first half of the year which it classified as ''serious'' compared to 35 cases reported in the same period last year.

''The month of August saw the highest number of cases at 16, followed by July 15, June 13, while May, April and March registered 8 cases each,'' he noted.

Al Mansouri was speaking during the 43rd media forum organised by the department to address impact of legislative amendments on traffic crimes.

He elaborated on the amended executive regulations of the Federal Traffic Law No (21) of 1995 and Cabinet Resolutions (177) and (178) of 2017 regarding traffic control rules and procedures.