Cop saves driver from 4-wheel stuck at 120kmph on Emirates Rd

Police officer risks his life to stop car and save Emirati driver

A police officer risked his life when he drove his car at 220kmph in a bid to stop a four-wheel Land Cruiser which suffered from a brake and accelerator breakdown while travelling at 120kmph on Emirates Road, heading towards Ras Al Khaimah.

Captain Tareq Al Sharhan, director of the rescue division at RAK police, intercepted the four-wheel and drove in front of it in a bid to slow it down.

He then called the driver and asked him to gradually use his handbrakes — a trick that worked and brought the faulty vehicle to a standstill on the sand.

Both the Land Cruiser and the 25-year-old driver, Abdullah Al Mullah, emerged unscathed after the night saga that attracted a large police force.

Mulla, a government employee, said he was heading for RAK when his car suffered from that fault, prompting him to call police in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.

RAK police units, which were informed about the incident, headed for the road and cleared it from other cars.

As Mulla was about to reach the end of Emirates Road near RAK, Captain Sharhan emerged in front of him and tried to bang his car with the Land cruiser to slow it down.

He then asked Mulla to use his hand brakes slowly and gradually.

“I first tried to use my hand brakes but the car started to move violently right and left. I was scared that it could overturn.

“As I headed towards the end of the road, I had no choice but to use the hand brakes,” Mulla said.

“With the help of police, I decided to use the hand brakes again as I did not want Captain Sharhan to risk his life for me.

“I lifted my hand brakes slowly as I was told and the car finally started to slow down and came to a standstill on the sand off the road.

“I was not hurt and the car was also safe, but I suffered from a shock because of the incident as I could not speak for nearly 15 minutes after I stopped the car,” he told Emarat Al Youm daily.


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