Cops bust man with cocaine-saturated clothes

Dubai Police foiled a bid to smuggle clothes saturated with cocaine, announced anti-narcotics sources on Sunday.
An Arab businessman identified as MA, 28, with a university education qualification, was intercepted carrying the illegal items on his way from Sao Paulo in Brazil to Damascus via Dubai International Airport.
Major General Abdul Jalil Mahdi Mohammed  Director General of the Drug Enforcement Department of Dubai police said the antinarcotics airport section managed to foil the smuggling bid while he was heading to the departure gate.
The police had received a tip that MA possessed narcotic drugs. He arrived on June 1. As he was preparing to depart — believing that he had succeeded — an officer stopped him.
He had two bags on the baggage handling conveyer belt and a small one in his hand. The officer ordered him to unzip his bags to examine the contents.
They turned out to be containing only clothing supposedly belonging to him. However, the persistent smell of cocaine emanating from them drew suspicion.
He was referred to the anti-narcotics department where the bags were proved to weigh 56.750kg.
Upon questioning, he confessed that it was a consignment he received from a compatriot, HZ, who promised to reward him with $5,000. MA was heading to see a person in Damascus who was supposed to meet him at the airport.
However, the police did not disclose the amount of cocaine the clothes were saturated with.

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