Cops save boy... villagers kill him with 'love'

A six-year-old boy who fell into an old well in his village, was rescued by Dubai Police only to succumb to misplaced love and hugs from his family, who insisted the child remain with them and not be taken to hospital.

“This is one of the saddest cases I have come across,” said Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah, Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department.

Speaking to 'Emirates24|7', Lt. Col. Burqibah said this case took place few years ago on a border village between UAE and a neighbouring country.

Lt. Col. Burqibah shared this incident to raise awareness and inform people that in emergencies, it is best to let the experts handle the case.

“The boy fell into an old well in the village.

“The rescue authorities in that country called us for help, and we went to rescue the boy.

“When we reached, it was very difficult for rescue teams to enter the well as it was too old and narrow.

“Any attempt to enter the well would have possible lead to its collapse.”

He pointed out that they sent special oxygen releasing equipment, lights and cameras into the well to keep the boy breathing and safe, and to monitor him.

“At the same time, we started digging a parallel well next to the old well in order to create another passage which links the bottoms of the two wells, to get to the boy and rescue him.”

Lt. Col. Burqibah added that this whole digging process took a few hours, and fortunately, they were able to rescue the boy and take him out.

“We were happy to rescue the boy, but the villagers and his family were happier.

“They all started hugging the boy and kissing him at a time when the boy was in need for medical help and needed to be transferred to the hospital.

“We had an ambulance with us, and we wanted to take the boy to the hospital, but his family refused.

“They insisted they will take him to hospital in their own private car. This incident happened in a different country, and thus, we had no authority on them. Later on, we were informed that the boy was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.”

Lt. Col. Burqibah added that the boy died because he did not get proper medical attention after being in the well for that many hours.

“He needed medical attention at that time when all the villagers were hugging him. It is sad, and people should be more aware of such things and behaviours.”

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