Corporate Alert: Illegal waste dumpers are now being watched

A circular has been issued to the concerned companies and the rules will be enforced on January 1, 2016. (Chandra Balan)

All trucks involved in the transportation and collection of waste in Dubai will be tracked and monitored from next year in an effort to curb offenders of the rules and regulations in this field, Dubai Municipality has announced.

The system was dubbed the Automated Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System and will keep an eye on all trucks at all times.

The system will provide real-time monitoring of all vehicles through sending direct signals to the control centre of Dubai Municipality in order to show the exact location as well as the movement route of each vehicle all over the day, explained Abdulmajid Abdulaziz Safaie, head of the Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality.

Earlier, Emirates 24|7 reported that illegal waste dumping was spotted by residents at several locations, causing an intrusive foul smell in communities such as Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) and Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT).

“Dumping sewage in any location other than the dedicated sewage stations is illegal and in violation with Local Order No 11, 2003,” explained Hisham at the Environmental Control Section, Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality carries out regular inspections, however, it cannot see everything that is happening all the time, he explained.

'If there are any issues to be raised, the public should take pictures of the practice and send in a complaint to Dubai Municipality.

“In response, we will visit the area and fine the violator," he said, adding that Dh100,000 is the fine for illegal sewage disposal.

With the new tracking system it will be difficult for truckers to get away with illegal dumping practices, believes Dubai Municipality.

It concerns all private companies involved with municipal solid waste as well as construction and demolition waste.

If a waste truck is not supported with the tracking system, it will not be allowed to enter the treatment or disposal facilities, Safaie added.

There are only two sewage stations in Dubai – one in Jebel Ali and another one in Warsan, Al Aweer. Sewage trucks of any kind are expected to dump their sewage at these two stations.

A circular has been issued to the concerned companies and the rules will be enforced on January 1, 2016.

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