Cost of lost access cards: Dh50 in JBR, Dh500 in Skycourts

Price tags vary across all developments; Marina and the Greens residents pay a more reasonable Dh100 to replace cards

Access cards to your building facilities are a given. But if you lose it, or need a second card, there is a price tag attached. Unfortunately, these price tags are not the same everywhere.

Samaj Angolkar, a resident of Skycourts, Dubai, was to find out the hard way. When he asked the management office a replacement of access card, he was told to pay Dh500, other than the Dh250 that was mentioned in the handover introduction CD.
"There are two rates for an access card," explains a spokesperson from the Skycourts Management Office. "When you want a second access card it costs Dh250. But if you lose your card, we charge Dh500."
JBR residents, although facilitated with less than Skycourts habitants, are better off. For Dh50 a new access card is provided, tells a resident.
Somewhere in between are Emaar communities in Marina and the Greens. On their website it is written that a new access card costs Dh100 in both communities.
Meanwhile, Diamond Developers says it charge Dh150 for new access cards to its communities.
However, difference may be there in the small letters too. In this case, Skycourts residents are the luckier ones. While they might pay the highest charge for a new access card, the payment is a deposit, in both cases.
"Both the Dh250 and the Dh500 are refundable when the rental contract comes to an end," explains the spokesperson from Skycourts management office.
In other cases no such clause is mentioned, and the access card needs to be purchased.


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