Court hears state security-related cases

The State Security District of the Federal Supreme Court heard the prosecution in the case of ASA, Emirati, 27, charged with spreading rumours that defamed the country and harmed its safety and security.

During the hearing, presided over by Justice Falah Shaya Al Hajeri, the prosecution charged ASA with creating a website and a site on social media where he published information about a terrorist organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood, promoted their thought, and pasted images of the organisation's founder and logo.

The accused denied the charges and the court adjourned the case to November 2.

Meanwhile, the court also adjourned the case of MSM, a 28 year-old Emirati, accused of joining a banned and illegal organisation in the UAE. The accused also denied the charges.

In another case, the prosecution charged MS, an Omani citizen, with opening and operating a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, a Facebook account and a blog, in which he spread rumours that defamed the country and harmed its safety and security.

The defence lawyer pleaded insanity, saying the defendant suffered a bipolar disorder and that he closed the Internet accounts in 2013 and regretted opening them.

The defendant offered condolences on the UAE martyrs and said, "I am not against the UAE which shares the same destiny with my country. I was under the influence of depression but I closed all the accounts when I came to my senses."

The court ordered a psychiatric examination of the defendant at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and adjourned the case to October 19.

The court also heard the case of M.S, a 38 year-old Pakistani national, who is accused of giving confidential information about Etisalat telephone service subscribers to Pakistani intelligence officers.

The court heard the defence lawyer and reserved the case to October 26.


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