Court lets 'humanitarian' passport forger walk free

A Pakistani man who helped forge a passport for a boy as his presumed son to bring him into the UAE walked free after the federal supreme court decided he had done so for paternal and humanitarian reasons.

Back at home, the man had agreed to forge a passport for his friend’s son so he can bring him to the UAE and look after him, press reports said on Tuesday.

UAE authorities uncovered the forgery when the two had a fight, prompting the presumed son to tell court that he is not the man’s real son and that he was brought into the UAE on a fake passport.

The unnamed defendant confessed in court that he is not the biological father of that boy and that he had agreed with his friend in Pakistan to issue fake documents for the boy so he can take him to the UAE and look after him.

Medical tests proved the man is not the biological father of that boy but he submitted evidence to court showing he had done so to look after the boy.

“The federal supreme court acquitted the defendant…while it acknowledged that he had committed forgery and he was aware of it, the court decided that he had done so in good intention,” 'Emarat Al Youm' daily said.

“The court based its decision on the fact that the defendant submitted evidence showing the boy’s real father had agreed that the defendant will adopt his son, look after him and allow him to pursue his studies… this task is usually undertaken by fathers but it had been assigned to the defendant which is a normal and customary practice in many countries.”

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