Darling I want you to be happy… so come clean the house with me

Findings of  a new British study says that men who help their wives with housework are happier than those who don’t.

The results of this study went viral on social media, where women were mentioning their husbands and showing them how they can be happy if they helped at home.

Many women were teasing their husbands and saying that if you start working at home, you will never complain of being sad or feeling board.

Tahani, a social media user, said that she is so happy with this study and if men believe in it, then it will be great.

“We are in need for similar studies which will make our lives easier. I hope they come up with more of these studies which encourage men to be active at home and help their families and wives.”

Fatimah, another social media user, mentioned her husband and said all what she cares about is his happiness. “Honey I want you to be happy. So please from today on start cleaning the house with me.”

Sara, a Saudi woman, said that she will never want her husband to help her because that means double the work for her, especially cooking.

“When my husband cooks, he will use almost all the cooking pans and spoons. He will leave the kitchen in a mess and even if he tries to clean the mess, it will end up in a worse situation.

“So it’s better he doesn’t help me, otherwise I will end up doing double the work.”

Mehari, a Kuwaiti man, poked fun at this study and questioned how on earth if a man works at home after coming back from work will he be happy  and relaxed?

“This cannot be true. They are pulling our legs. It must be a woman who came up with this study to fool men.”

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