Death for killer who set aunt, uncle ablaze

A court of cassation in Abu Dhabi sentenced a man to death after he was convicted of murdering his two relatives by locking them up and setting their house ablaze, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The defendant committed his crime two years ago after he was rebuked by his aunt and her husband for a sharp fall in the revenue of a workshop owned by the victim in the oasis town of Al Ain.
After setting their house on fire and stealing the jewelry of his relatives, the man phoned the civil defence to report a fire but investigation later proved he was the perpetrator.
A court in Al Ain had sentenced the defendant to death and the verdict was supported by the Abu Dhabi court this week after the victims’ relatives refused to pardon the killer and accept diya (blood money), the Arabic language daily Albayan said.
“The court referred the killer’s file to the UAE President for endorsement of the death sentence,” the paper added without identifying the defendant and his victims.
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