Delivery man falls down elevator chute...

28-year-old K P Ashraf. (Supplied)

A grocery delivery man fell to his death from the sixth floor of a residential building in Abu Dhabi.

The man accidentally fell into a faulty elevator shaft, the owner of the grocery, Sadiq, told Emirates 24|7.  

K P Ashraf, the 28-year-old delivery worker for the Abdul Khader grocery, went to deliver water to two customers living on the sixth and eighth floor of an old residential building on Al Falah street near Jumbo Signal in Abu Dhabi.

The incident happened last Wednesday (August 26) and the body has since been repatriated to Kannur, his home town.

“He went there on Wednesday night and did not come back. There are two lifts in the building, one was working and one was under maintenance.

“It is an old type of lift in which the door is to be manually opened by users."

“He kept the water bottle on the sixth floor flat and was waiting for the lift.

“He nd opened the door after pressing the button.

“The lift door opened and he stepped inside without realising that the lift not yet reached," a colleague of Ashraf’s said.

He fell down the chute and died.

Police and Civil Defence teams arrived at the site and investigated the accident and moved the body to hospital

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