Dewa rubbishes email rumour of robbers posing as employees

The e-mail message circulating on the Internet.

An email circulating on social media has prompted the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) to issue a warning that its content is nothing but a rumour.

The mail states that robbers posing as employees of Dewa and its Sharjah counterpart, are entering homes under the guise of maintenance work and holding people at gunpoint.

Dewa has rubbished the email as a rumour.

The text reads: ‘Just a precautionary message. Three or four guys may visit your home claiming they are from Dewa/Sewa, to install shower caps to save water!

‘They may claim they are from Eskom to change light bulbs for free! They have been spotted in several areas.

“Please do not let them into your home. They are robbers that are robbing people at gunpoint.

“Please broadcast to all your contacts; you may save a life’.

The mail is signed off with the name of a Dewa employee, along with a company logo and the Government of Dubai seal.

Dewa took to its official Twitter account when its timeline was peppered with questions from concerned residents, with the message stating: “This rumour is not true and Dewa is not responsible for this message.”

Emirates 24|7 contacted the number attached to the message, and a Dewa employee said the mail is false.

“This is a scam message. People should not look into this. It is more a way to create panic,” the employee said.

Abu Dhabi police recently arrested a gang on charges of stealing expensive watches and jewellery from families while posing as maintenance workers.

Brigadier Maktoum Al Shareefi, Director of the Capital Police, said in a statement: “They used to go apartments or houses posing as maintenance workers. Once inside, they would check if the residents are wealthy or not. They would then leave after putting a small mark so they could return to carry out their operation.”


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