Dh1,000,000 blown away in one night in Dubai

There is a certain strata above which trifling matters like recession and cash flow do not matter.

In the recent past high-fliers who live in this rarefied atmosphere have come to light thanks to their spending prowess at the UAE's most exclusive nightspots.

This year alone three bills paid at nightspots in the Emirates made the news - Abu Dhabi's Etoile topped with an amount of Dh476,056.88, followed by Dh387,988 spent at the Cavalli Club Dubai, where a Briton also spent Dh217,000.

But, is that the highest amount that the club has seen paid for a single visit?

Cavalli Club’s Restaurant and Lounge General Manager David Lescarret says no.

According to Lescarret, in 2011, one visitor paid a single bill of one million dirhams (approx $280,000).

While the club manager refuses to divulge details of what the amount was spent on, or the nationality of the spender, Lescarret does explain that bill fatteners are often luxury items like champagne or fine wines.

"Our most expensive champagne is the Cristal Millenium 6l, selling for Dh500,000 a bottle and only available in New York, London and here."
Not everybody at the Cavalli doles out the millions though.

The average amount of money spent per person is Dh580, says Lescarret, only a little below the ideal average of Dh680 that the club aims for. 

On the typical profile of the big spender at the Cavalli, all Lescarret is willing to say is: “They are male around the age of 35. We are a high-end, designer venue."

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