Dh10,000 in "fees" to end Sharjah rent contracts early

Tenants cry foul, but brokers say cases are exception and not the rule

Tenants in Sharjah have complained of unfair conditions being imposed on them by landlords and real estate brokers, in the event of termination of lease contracts ahead of schedule.

According to a detailed report in Emarat Al Youm, tenants have accused landlords and brokers of imposing additional terms to the lease which cost the tenant approximately Dh10,000 should they seek to end their lease early.

However, real estate agencies that the paper spoke to rejected such allegations and claimed this does not represent most of the real estate sector in the emirate.

They did admit that there might be individual cases where such measures are adopted.


Nihad Ali a tenant in Sharjah said that the landlord imposed on her very intransigent conditions when she told him she would leave the apartment before the end of the contract.

She pointed out that she was surprised because these terms were not included in the contract. She was asked to pay Dh2,000 per month until completion of the contract period, with the deduction of maintenance fees.

She said about Dh10,000 were the total charges which were imposed on her to leave her flat.

She added: “These fees were based on unfair conditions placed after my signing of the lease.”


Hussam Alamudin, another tenant, said: “I rented an apartment in the Al Qasba area and signed the contract.

“I surprised to discover additional conditions placed in the contract which makes it difficult for a tenant to leave the unit.

“Most of these conditions are impossible and an attempt to force the tenant to complete the contract.”


Speaking for the real estate sector, Ashraf Diab, Director, Qasr Al Melouk Real Estate Company said: “The main objective behind the development of the terms and conditions in the contracts is to protect the owner from sudden desire of the tenant to leave, as well as preservation of the rights of the owner.

“However, if these terms are used for the exploitation of the tenant, it is natural they will be rejected by individuals and companies, as well as the law.”

He added that the collection of funds in any form is what a lot of owners of buildings are doing to offset the decline in rental rates.

Shahriar Al-Attar Director-General of Al Imbrator Real Estate company said: “Tenants should not sign contracts till they are sure that there are no additional conditions.”

Ahmed Al-Sa’adi, Director of the Office of Al-Sa’adi Real Estate said: “Imposing terms at the end of the lease is not legal as it reduces confidence in the market and the real estate leasing sector.”


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